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Stewart Independent Production has purchased Lenovo Mil-SPEC Think Pads to travel with our systems and engineers, in addition to our I-pads. We carry everything digital and in printable PDF format needed to produce an SIP event and to operate SIP equipment including manuals and software.

The primary technical purpose of an SIP Think Pad is to run and to provide monitoring for, and an interface to, the state of the art software systems of both RCF RD NET 2.2 Active Speaker Management System and RCF room modeling software, called Shape Designer. The secondary technical purpose of the PC is to house drivers, firmware updates, TDM plug-Ins, operating system back-ups, console show files and so forth for Avid and Digico Consoles in example.

In short, “we can monitor and control virtually every single component and function” in every TTL line array module within the RCF TT+ Active Touring Series sound systems through a simple DSP interface via a PC running on the Windows operating systems.

Among the many advantages RD NET and Shape Designer bring to the table, including the ability to design arrays and pre-set loudspeaker and overall system DSP for upcoming shows and venues, the software provides the user with the ability to predict loudspeaker behavior array by array, venue by venue.

In the unlikely event that a loudspeaker module should fail or have an issue during a show or soundcheck. We can Ascertain the problem quickly through RD NET. Attempt to solve the problem through RD NET or simply re-boot, adjust, bypass, or shut down the module or portion of the module in question as needed through RD NET. We can also combine the boxes in master control groups (zones) to achieve shading or to gas-up balcony -fill etc.

The Think Pads provide us with sound system monitoring/adjustment in real time as seen below.

Stewart Independent Production uses only tour-proven Whirlwind MASS Connectors, Whirlwind Medusa Sub-Snakes, Whirlwind Neutrik MK Series XLR cables, Neutrik Powercons, Neutrik in-line couplers and adapters and rock-solid Whirlwind Neutrik mil-spec ethernet cables in our sound systems (SIP Super Cubes).