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At Stewart Independent, to put it mildly, we really like Intelligent lighting.

Intelligent/Automated lighting fixtures and the infinite Looks” and “Atmosphere that we can create with them, drive our passion for moving lights. Regardless of the size of the lighting system, it’s correct application through fixture choice, instrument placement, programming and the LD and crew assigned to design, run or support your show is crucial. Our event lighting credentials are impeccable. Between our own staff, regular ringers and our expansive list of touring free-lance colleagues in the field, we are able to apply the very best lighting  professionals to the projects most suited to their respective skills, personalities and extensive resumes.

The crew of Stewart Independent has extensive experience in both concert and theatrical lighting. We have LD’s that specialize in both.

Our Lighting crew has designed, supported, operated and provided hundreds of professional lighting systems. Wether we are designing/providing a system scaled to budget or meeting a technical rider and plot, we use some of the finest gear in the world.

Almost every rig we send out, design, install, and/or operate, consists primarily of intelligent lighting, often augmented by an inventory of Source Four Lekos and Pars as well as Audience Blinders.

We of course have the capability of providing conventional rigs, consisting entirely of Source Four Lekos and Pars or conventional/intelligent mixed rigs as needed as well as follow-spots.

Much of our lighting and video work can be seen in photos throughout the site and specifically on the Press and Ads page.

Beyond that, we thought it best simply to show you gorgeous images of the lights, consoles and efx that most of our lighting rigs and designs are built from. Please Enjoy...

*All Stock Photos are the sole copy-righted property of the Manufacturers respectively. They are shown on this website for visual product reference purposes only. To find out more about each product we recommend visiting the SIP Industry Links Page or visiting the manufacturer’s website directly. The SIP crew is proud to use, stand behind and fully endorse each of these products.