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Stewart Independent Production is now primarily using RCF “High Definition TTL Touring Series” fully active TTL6A and TTL33A-MK2 line array plus TTS high power subwoofers. The TT+ is the flagship line for RCF Global. RCF TT+ touring loudspeakers continue to receive rave reviews and awards, with record sales around the world. The new TTL6A’s are being very well received by clients, engineers, and the talent and venues we support. As part of a well packaged, fully active, state of the art professional large-format concert sound system, the TT+ line delivers exceptional clarity, dynamic headroom, precise pattern control and very high SPL. All resulting in a big sound plus astounding vocal projection. Supporting RCF line array with RCF TTS18-A and RCF TTS36A Touring Series active subwoofers, results in an impressive 4 or 5 way full-range line source. Additional TTL6A and TTL33A-MK2 line array modules can be utilized for serious designated delays plus front-fill and out-fill as can the TT052-A super low-profile, wide coverage 126db lip-fills. Adding RCF TT+ active stage monitors rounds out a complete system for the full RCF TT+ experience. It’s really that good.

TTL6A Touring Series: Large Format Line Array

The TTL6A is a high-power, three-way, active line source line array module engineered to deliver high fidelity output 
for use indoors and outdoors for medium and large spaces. TTL6A provides all the advantages of line array technology, 
such as high direct sound, increased range and a uniform level distribution, with additional ease of use. It is the 
preferred set-up for stacked systems and when a wider dispersion is required. The 3-Way TTL6A line source is for
equipped with 2x12” low frequency woofers, 4x 6.5” midranges and a 3.0” voice coil compression driver with wave-guide
distinctive homogenous directivity. The integration of four channels of digital amplification and the advanced 
digital processing, with RD onboard, set a new standard for distortion and thermal efficiency. 

Whether flown in columns or used as single point sources, the TTL6A is a powerhouse of a loudspeaker with 
exceptional studio-like voicing and of course exceptional clarity, fidelity and projection. Couple with 
RCF TTS36A subwoofers and you get over 140db of full range exceptional sound, throw and coverage. 

The TTL6A delivers 139db max SPL Full Range/141db max SPL Hi-Passed    

TTL33-A-MK2 Touring Series: Medium Format Line Array

The TTL33-A-MK2 is a wide dispersion 3 way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a compact medium-format line array. It is a True Hi-Fidelity Line Array system capable of studio-like sound in a live environment, while also getting very loud and maintaining linear voicing at varying input and output levels. Wether mixing a quiet, moderate or loud show, the sound and frequency response of the entire system remains consistent/linear even as overall volume varies, as a result so does the mix. With transparent reproduction of instruments and incredible vocal clarity and projection, the TTL33A-MK2 produces a large detailed sound stage. The TTL33A-MK2 is a 15 degree x 100 degree trapezoidal module, utilizing an advanced horn-loaded design. It is a variable array element, as a result, it is capable of many angles of curvature wether flown or deck-stacked including a J Array configuration. The  TTL33A-MK2 is an exceptional sounding and versatile loudspeaker, making it an ideal and comprehensive tool for very hi-fidelity and demanding live sound reinforcement. Also they are, simply put, a pleasure to mix sound on.

The TTL33-A-MK2 is equipped with a dedicated networking board accessed via ethernet. Using RCF proprietary RD Net protocol it is possible to monitor all the system parameters, including heat, input and output levels, the status of each single amplifier and driver, etc. Having a DSP on board each cabinet, it is also possible to address to single cabinets or groups of cabinets specific presets or modifications of parameters like gain, equalization or delay. The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol. it is very stable. 

The cabinet is in Marine Baltic Birch Plywood, coated with high resistance epoxy paint. The mechanical suspension and orientation system is in high quality steel, very precise and easy to use. The suspension system is directly connected to the aluminum sides of the cabinet. The suspension system is designed to have a safety factor 7 up to 16 speakers per side. TTL33A-MK2 are available with rain covers, providing water resistance.

TTL33-A-MK2 delivers 135dB max SPL/single module and is completely horn-loaded.       

The SIP fully packaged RCF Line Array systems are typically flown from CM Lodestar 1/2 Ton Electric Chain Hoists. When working in small to medium sized no-fly spaces, whenever possible, we do fly from industry standard Genie ST20 800lb lift capacity Super Towers.  We have access to large array ground support for large spaces.

TTS18-A Touring Series: All Applications

The TTS18-A is a compact, high output, bandpass subwoofer module ideal in combination with TT+ line array systems. It is a true active and high power ready to use 18” H.O. touring subwoofer equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL, reducing energy requirement. A great sounding subwoofer with exceptional tone, output and projection. It bolts directly to the TTL33A-MK2 Fly bumper capable of supporting four of the line arrays in a ground stack. It can also lock to the top or bottom of other TTS18-A cabinets. The TTL33A-MK2 and TTS18-A are fly-compatible. 

The TTS18-A is equally at home as a stand-alone subwoofer or as part of a multitude of Subwoofer Array Options. TTS18-A delivers 136db max SPL/single cabinet, making it substantially louder, more efficient and more accurate, with far more focused low frequency energy, than most conventional dual 18” subwoofers.      

TT052-A Touring Series

Having had tremendous success with the TT051-A as an ideal designated front-fill, we have upgraded to the award 
winning TT052A for substantially more output and even more present low-mid frequencies.

The TT052-A is an extremely compact, active loudspeaker specifically designed for applications where the audio must be directed towards specific near-field zones.

It is equipped with two 5” neodymium woofers and a 1” compression driver. Thanks to its constant directivity horn and high volume output, the TT052-A can be used to guarantee the perfect intelligibility in critical environments.

TT052A delivers 124db max SPL/single cabinet and is a 90x90 Conical Coverage Design. Wether set upright or on it’s 
side, TT052A provides the articulation needed off the downstage without interfering with the P.A.

*All Photos and Copy on this page are copyrighted and owned by RCF and Stewart Independent respectively

The sound of the future is based on solid roots:

Through the decades, RCF has helped shape the development of professional speakers with product offerings such as the acclaimed ART, 4Pro, NX and TT+ series products. This has made RCF one of the major players in the audio industry with an extremely large and dedicated user base.

RCF is one of the few loudspeakers companies in the world with the ability to completely design and manufacture transducers, speaker systems, amplifiers, cabinets and control electronics end to end and in-house. With three R&D departments – acoustic, electronic and mechanical – working in perfect synergy, every product RCF releases is innovative, practical and detailed.

With its renowned transducer technology, RCF has an enormous advantage in developing a complete speaker systems which culminate the perfect match between transducers and electronics.

With heavy investment in innovation and development, the company constantly works on new product designs and now RCF is pleased to introduce the brand new D LINE Array as well as new TT+ Touring boxes and upgrades to the TT+ flagship-line.
RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with excellent mechanical and electronic industries. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in design, production and marketing of high technology Professional and Commercial Audio products.

Throughout its history the company has continued  to expand and diversify to satisfy every audio and musical amplification need: from single systems to big, complex projects.

For sixty years the main administrative and production facility has been in Reggio Emilia where the company has a highly professional and specialized personnel. 

RCF markets its products through sales offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and United States. In the rest of the world the Company operates through a consolidated, capillary network of distributors.

Today RCF employs more than 250 people and sells its products in more than 100 countries worldwide.
Since 1995 the company has been ISO 9001 certified.

TTS36A Touring Series: Extreme High Output Arena Subwoofer

     2x2000 watts per channel, 4000 watt 2x18” 143db Active/RD Net

SIP continues with the “Less Speakers, Smoother Coverage, Better Sound, More Output” system design philosophy.

The TTS36A is a 4000 watt dual 18” fully active bass-reflex arena subwoofer, driven by twin 2000 watt-rms amplifier channels, producing substantial low frequency output at 143db and down to 30hz. It is Ideal for large venues and also when you need serious bottom-end with a small number of subs, (e.g. four TTS36A can match output to typically eight or more of most modern professional dual 18” subwoofers). Equipped with RD NET onboard, the TTS36A’s are in constant communication with the TTL6A line source modules and the TTL33A-MK2 line array modules. In short, with a fraction of the number of subwoofers needed in the past, we can now achieve superior results that are perfectly voiced and time-aligned to every driver in the rig." 

TTS36A delivers 143db max SPL.