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Stewart Independent Production brings to the deck a complete RCF “High Definition TT+ Touring Series” stage monitor system. The TT+ are the flagship loudspeakers of the RCF global product lines. The RCF TT+ touring loudspeakers continue to be very well received around the world as well as with our own crew, clients, road engineers and the talent and road crews we support. After five years on the job, we have great confidence in these lightweight and low-profile, self-powered and processed, fully-active loudspeakers. Delivering exceptional clarity, dynamic headroom, precise pattern control, high SPL and substantial low frequency response, these loudspeakers integrate seamlessly into any SIP Super Cube infrastructure package.  Do to the stand-alone nature of the fully active monitor, and a well packaged stage system, these loudspeakers also integrate well with virtually any professional sound system making it an exceptional “monitor rig for hire”. Adding Large Format RCF TTL6A active line array modules or smaller coaxial 2-way RCF TT25-CXA Point Source loudspeakers as side-fills, in addition to RCF TTS18A or RCF TTS36A active subwoofers makes for an extremely well rounded, versatile and completely matched monitor system that works very well, gets very loud and sounds very good!

We have a number of options for rider acceptable digital consoles available including the Avid Venue Profile, Venue SC48 and the entire Digico SD Series. Of course any digital console or analog monitor console can be used and Stewart Independent can provide the preferred console and outboard gear needed to meet any rider.

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RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre represents true high definition audio quality solutions with the very latest technology in transducer development plus new generation Class D digital active amplification and ‘DSP' (Digital Sound Processor) for big live concerts, events, fixed theatre installations and stage monitoring.

TTL6A Touring Series: “Hard Hitting Designated Side-Fill”



The TTL6A is a high-power, three-way, active line source engineered to deliver high fidelity output for use indoors and outdoors for medium and large spaces. TTL6A provides all of the advantages of line array technology, such as high direct sound, increased range and a uniform level distribution, with additional ease of use. It is the preferred set-up for stacked systems and when a wider dispersion is required. The 3-Way TTL6A line source is equipped with 2x12” low frequency woofers on a wave-guide, 4x6.5” midrange drivers and a 3.0” voice coil compression driver with wave-guide for distinctive homogenous directivity. The integration of four channels of digital amplification and the advanced digital processing, (with RD onboard), set a new standard for distortion and thermal efficiency.

The TTL6A is a powerhouse of a loudspeaker with exceptional studio-like voicing and of course exceptional clarity, fidelity and projection. Coupled with RCF TTS18-A subwoofers and you have one of the finest sounding 4-way point sources in the world. A truly impressive DESIGNATED SIDE-FILL.

The TTL6A delivers 139db max SPL Full Range/141db max SPL Hi-Passed with RCF sub(s).

TT25-SMA Touring Series


The TT25-SMA is an active two-way (15x2) high performance coaxial stage monitor.  

The linear curve response, the consistent coverage and acoustic output make the TT25-SMA the professional choice for most demanding situations. The voicing is accurate and deep, the sound transparent in the midrange and extremely accurate at very high frequencies. The size is compact and the profile very low for a discrete stage professional appearance. Loop through output and power panel on opposite side to minimize cable runs on stage.

TT25-CXA Touring Series


The TT25-CXA is a two-way, 1100watt high performance coaxial stage monitor.

The linear response curve, the consistent coverage and acoustic output make the TT25-CXA the professional choice for the most demanding situations. The voicing is accurate and deep, the sound is transparent in the mids and extremely accurate at very high frequencies. The size is compact and the profile is very low for a discreet appearance. The TT25-CXA is a high power active system that sets a new standard in the touring and theatre sound reinforcement. By producing flat amplitude and phase response, full-range bandwidth and exceptional impulse response, the TT25-CXA far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors.

At SIP, we especially like to utilize the TT25-CXA as a Mid/Hi box atop TTS18A subwoofers for tight, solid active 3-way drum-fills, discreet H.O. 3-way side-fills and of course the TT25-CXA makes an excellent fill box for additional applications requiring a point source loudspeaker.


The TTS18-A is a compact, high output, 18” bandpass subwoofer module ideal in combination with RCF TT+ line array systems. These subs are perfectly matched to the TTL33AMK2 and work very well with the TTL6A Line Array and with TT25-SMA floor wedges. Their “Plug and Play” nature makes them ideal to provide low-end support for virtually any PA or Monitor Rig. The TTS18-A is substantially louder, with much more focused low frequency energy. than most conventional dual 18” subwoofers. Also they have much better tone and projection than front-loaded subwoofers with far less 2nd Harmonic Distortion. These subwoofers are designed to perform equally well as a stand-alone sub or as part of a multitude of subwoofer array configurations

The TTS18A delivers 136db max SPL

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The sound of the future is based on solid roots:

RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with excellent mechanical and electronic industries. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in design, production and marketing of high technology Professional and Commercial Audio products.

Throughout its history the company has continued  to expand and diversify to satisfy every audio and musical amplification need: from single systems to big, complex projects.

For sixty years the main administrative and production facility has been in Reggio Emilia where the company has a highly professional and specialized personnel.

RCF markets its products through sales offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and United States. In the rest of the world the Company operates through a consolidated, capillary network of distributors.

Today RCF employs more than 250 people and sells its products in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Since 1995 the company has been ISO 9001 certified.


TTS18-A Touring Series