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With a welcome resurgence, (albeit a niche market), of interest in mixing analog. Stewart Independent has re-introduced some packaged “old-school” analog rider-standard gear options.

There is certainly something to still be said for the more tactile and connected experience of analog mixing in addition to visually referencing just one “really big screen”, the  one we used to call the “stage”.  There is no real substitute for “that warm and smooth analog sound”. 

Some of us really miss a proper console armrest as well, I might add.”

All Analog Racks again use Whirlwind W4 MASS connectors and/or Whirlwind Insert and XLR multi-patches plus custom Whirlwind rack-mount patch panels, with the addition of modern Powercon AC power outlets plus traditional 20A Edison and NEMA L5/30A Twist-Lock courtesy AC as needed.

Consoles: Stewart independent can still provide, (at both FOH and Monitor World), Yamaha PM5000‘s, Midas XL4’ s, and Midas Heritage 3000’s or H2000‘s in excellent working and cosmetic condition.  We also have access to a very nice Soundcraft Series 5 and several Soundcraft MH consoles.

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