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For many years, Stewart Independent Production has worked almost exclusively with three of the best back-line companies in the country. We believe in specialization and have forged strong working relationships with theses vendors. After working countless shows together, this approach has afforded us some significant advantages over many other back-line providers.

    First: We have virtually unlimited resources for obtaining back-line.

   Second: We have excellent negotiated rates with our vendors as a result of volume discounts and years of trust. This allows us to remain highly competitive while providing exceptional quality Back-line with superior service.

    Third: Because we work again and again with the same vendors, we understand just how they package and implement their gear as they understand just how we produce our events and exactly what we expect.

    Fourth: All SIP provided Back-line is professionally transported, set-up, struck and tech-ed by a designated professional Back-line tech from the time the gear hits the stage through strike. Spares, strings, pics, tubes, cables, cymbals, hats, snares,  and tools for on-site repair are readily available on all SIP job-sites and with all SIP provided Back-line.

    Lastly: It’s full-service back-line at SIP, we’ll even adjust your levels and tone to your specifications if you ask!

Below is a visual cross-reference of photos to serve as an example of Back-line we provide regularly. If you don’t see an item, a model, a brand, an arrangement or a color you prefer, not to worry we have it!

Admittedly we are essentially providers of back-line for clients who have no interest in messing about with Back-line, just interested in knowing that Back-line is correct  as advanced, what was agreed upon and will remain so.” 

*All Stock Photos are the sole copy-righted property of the Manufacturers respectively. They are shown on this website for visual product reference purposes only.