SIP College Concert Promotional Video

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Welcome.  Please enjoy a look back at over twenty five consecutive years of Stewart concert, crew and show legacy.

I have had the good fortune of working closely with exceptional professionals throughout my career. The fruit of that labor can be seen in the photo galleries and press on this site and upon the pages of a truly diverse roster of clients, shows and pros. It all culminates in a story of an incredible adventure in professional concert production... to date.

At this time and for the foreseeable future myself, SIP and “my” crew as such are no longer available for hire nor publicly doing business. 

With much planning, a quiet decision was reached in September of 2017 to pursue an opportunity to again become a private contractor servicing only the specific needs of a single long-term contract. That arrangement has since been finalized. All has been restructured toward that end.

...and so it is with the utmost respect, appreciation and gratitude for a lifetime’s worth of  good folks and great shows bound by countless stories in between that I thank you for coming by and offer only my very best regards and wishes. Have a great gig!