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SIP Super Cube: Affordable and Excellent Professional Sound. Meet The Rider.

The Stewart Independent Super Cube is our solution to the growing demands of clients to have consistent professional sound reinforcement at all shows, even as show size, production specifications and budgets fluctuate. “SIP Super Cubes” are the foundation of almost every Stewart Independent Sound System.

The “SIP Road Crew” has spent a number of years developing, field testing and streamlining a small footprint, low profile, super high output, self-powered sound system design that is simple, efficient and far less costly to hire or rent, set-up and strike. A complete packaged system that meets and often exceeds technical contract rider requirements.  Super Cubes are designed for efficient work-flow

We call our system design The “SIP Super Cube”. The resulting sound system is completely scalable due to its fully active, self-powered design and compact footprint. Because of it’s modular design, it serves equally well as both a Complete Sound System and/or Stage Monitor System. By simply adding and subtracting loud speakers, floor monitors and consoles you can scale the system to your budget and event specifications.

See the S.I.P. RCF TT+ Monitor Rig page and RCF Active Line Array page for detailed information on our latest state of the art European Loudspeakers Systems for hire.

The “SIP Super Cube” not only costs less upfront, but also saves money on the back-end.

The “Super Cube” Basics:

Capable of providing sound for audiences from one hundred to thousands depending on number of consoles, loudspeakers and floor monitors specified as well as venue size, coverage required and program material.

Entire infrastructure fits into eight to twelve ¼ pack, shock absorbent Caravan ATA flight cases.

“Super Cube” packs in 12’ to 16’ of truck or trailer space depending on number of digital consoles, loudspeakers and floor monitors specified. Footage can be further reduced by stacking,

System requires very little crew to set and strike, providing for Super Fast Ins and Outs.

Extremely AC power efficient with extensive power routing capabilities.

Built to be rugged, lightweight, simple to use and safe.

Flyable or stackable line array and subwoofers.

Complete Infrastructure to meet virtually any event needs, (within “Super Cube’s” expansive capabilities).

Super Cubes can be outfitted with recording packages and other outboard, including wireless microphone and IEM systems.  We also maintain an inventory of immaculate Analog outboard.

… and everything else “Sound” that your event requires.

Regardless of your production needs, Stewart Independent Production has you covered.

We have maintained availability of our most beloved industry standard rider-based analog outboard gear. Please enquire if you are interested in mixing a show old-school.

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